Online Kurs: Smart Cities

Topic overview

Topic cluster “Energy-efficient building approaches”

This topic cluster provides two learning units: an introduction to energy-efficient building, and a detailed presentation of the passive-house philosophy. The subjects covered include integral planning, implementing the building envelope, making the airtight layer, and planning aids for avoiding thermal bridging.

Topic cluster “Thermal building renovation”

An initial learning unit provides basic knowledge about why renovating existing buildings is important, and about how to plan renovation in the right way.

A second learning unit explains in detail how to renovate the various parts of the building envelope (wall, roof, top-floor ceiling, basement ceiling/floor slab, windows and doors), and discusses various different insulation materials and systems, their advantages and disadvantages, and the right way to make use of each.



Topic cluster “Insulation materials and façade insulation systems”

An introductory learning unit covers insulation materials' engineering properties, such as heat transfer coefficient (U value), reaction to fire, vapour diffusion resistance factor (µ) and specific heat storage capacity.

A second learning unit deals with the various groups of insulation materials: raw materials and manufacture, areas of application, installing and practical tips, health and safety aspects, and ultimate disposal are covered in detail.

Subsequent units present various insulation and façade systems. This involves alternative structures for outside walls (with the appropriate insulation systems); one unit explains when insulating on the inside makes sense, and what needs to be taken into practical account in such cases.